In quest of New Zealand native sea life

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I was so excited when G said we might have the opportunity to see some seals and penguins during the South island trip. By ‘might have’, he meant that we were supposed to go find them in the wild, and there was no guarantee that we would find one because these creatures are rare. But we tried anyway.

Waipapa Point was our first attempt, only 20km from the southernmost point of NZ’s South island. After a short drive down the gravel road, we arrived at an old lighthouse overlooking the Steward island. The site board read “you may be lucky enough to meet seals”, but we kept our expectations low. It was rainy and grey. The tower was closed, and there wasn’t much else to see there other than some information on the tragic shipwreck and the sad life of lighthouse keepers. So we followed a narrow dirt road towards the shore north…

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3,000 km driving across NZ’s South Island

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The Bubbly Traveler

Hi there, I’m back to civilization from a 3,000km road trip in the ultimately pure and unspoiled southern New Zealand.

For the first time we camped among the wild — whether it was wet or dry, by the lakeside or nestled deep in the bush, close to towns or in the middle of nowhere (literally). For the first time we also spent days in the zero-signal areas and learned to live more with less. Power and drinking water were a luxury at times so we learned to store these resources whenever and wherever possible. Spark wasn’t a reliable telco when it came to mobile coverage in the South island, but in a way it forced us to appreciate the beauty of surrounding nature.

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